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About our Plasmolifting PRP courses

Our courses combine both conceptual and practical modules to provide a complete understanding of basic and advanced PRP methods and treatments. Our leaders possess a broad experience and are ready to share their advice and recommendations. Following the completion of the course you will receive a certificate in this new sphere of knowledge. By mastering various PRP procedures, you will greatly expand your knowledge base and professional opportunities with the help of the next generation biotechnological solution that does not require significant investment. PRP Plasmolifting technology works both as monotherapy and in combination with other treatments. It ensures a fantastic therapeutic effect for the patient and a stable income for the doctor. Our mission is to make this opportunity available to all doctors, regardless of their location. This is a great chance to master the popular techniques required by thousands of patients. You can complete our Plasmolifting PRP training modules at your own pace, in a comfortable and convenient environment. You can always review the parts of our course that are most interesting to you.

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“I took part in the online Plasmolifting PRP training, I find this course very practical and professionally prepared. It perfectly complements the knowledge to perform even more effective treatments. I recommend it to everyone who is looking for natural treatments for their demanding patients.”

Daniel Polanski, Beautycian and Phlebotomist (Permanent Beauty - Skin Clinique, UK)

“I would like to thank the developers of the course for a very informative and professional presentation. I have used autologous plasma in my practice before, but this course has really opened my eyes to many other possibilities. I certainly recommend it to my colleagues and to patients, too. This is a purely natural treatment that brings fantastic results and suits even those patients who complain of allergic reactions to traditional beauty treatments.”

Siobhan D. Trichologist and Beautycian, UK

“Excellent Plasmolifting PRP Gel e-learning course. I always learn so much from Dr. Ahmerov’s courses. Plasmolifting PRP Gel course is all what the course should be: very informative, very well structured and brilliantly presented. It’s just a pleasure to studyit. It covers all from beauty standarts, consultation, through different injection techniques. The course also includes all relevant protocols which are those «must have». Thank you very much! ”

Dr. Alena Antsipava-Abidi, Cabinet de cosmétologie médicale/Tunisia/Jendouba